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About Us
Olappamanna Mana , one of the centuries old feudal Namboothiri (Kerala Brahamin) Illam (house) , have a glittering cultural heritage in the field of Kathakali (classical dance form) , Carnatic Music, Melam and Thayampaka (classical percussions) , Literature and Rig Veda.

The Mana (house) is located at Vellinezhi, a small village 40 kms (25 miles) away from Palakkad town, less than 100 kms(60 miles) away from Cochin / Coimbatore / Calicut airports. Vellinezhi surrounded by the unpolluted river Kunthi on northern and western side is literarily known as Thourathrika Gramam (village with perfect blend of Music, Rhythm and Dance.)


The twist of events in the course of history will make certain happenings inevitable. The latter half of Twentieth century witnessed unbridled sweeping changes in the socio-cultural and economic life in Kerala.

Kerala's splendor in varied forms of fine arts is an internationally acclaimed one. No adjective is enough to describe the contributions made by the then Feudal Namboothiris.

Olappamanna is the family name of feudal lords. They belong to priestly Brahmin Caste of Kerala, namely Namboothiris. Mana means Home of Kerala Brahmins in Malayalam.

They were immensely rich till the land reforms act was implemented in Kerala during 1965-70. They were patrons of art forms like Kathakali, Percussions, Classical Music, Literature, Vedic and Sanskrit education.

Cultural Background

The present most popular form of Kathakali, namely Kalluvazhi Chitta originated in Olappamanna Mana, nearly 150-200 years back. The Olappamanna Kaliyogam (School of Kathakali) was just transplanted in Kerala Kalamandalam by Vallathol for perfection of teaching the Art form.

Similarly a magazine exclusively for Poetry was published from this Mana during early 20th century. O.M.C. Narayanan Namboothiri Pad has translated the whole Rig Veda (consisting of ten thousand and odd four line stanzas) into Malayalam from Sanskrit.

Olappamanna Mana has given birth to famous Malayalam poet Olappamanna Subramanian Namboothiri Pad, Malayalam poet Dr. O.M.Anujan, Children's book writer Mrs. Sumalgala and others.

World famous Carnatic Musician Chembai Vaidya Natha Bhagavathar was a teacher in this Mana.
The unique Rig Vedic institution at Thrissur namely Brahmaswam Madham is very closely connected with the members of this family for the last 200 years and also now.

Present Situation
Since the land ceiling act came, they had to leave all spledidness, as their thousands of acres of land were taken over by Government, without any compensation. Such a stringent land ceiling law was implemented only in Kerala State in India.

It has become impossible for the owners to stay in such a big house with out sufficient servants and inmates. Now the main building is kept under lock and key, except for opening it every day morning and evening for conducting rituals to their family deity.

Now the maintenance of the building itself is very costly and the present owners are struggling for want of funds.

( Kalluvazhi is a village near Olappamanna Mana and the main artist Ittiraricha Menon belonged to that village and Chitta means performing principles) has originated at Olappamanna Mana. The presently most accepted School of Kathakali is Kalluvazhi Chittha. The improvements made by Ittirarich Menon was further purified by his deciple Ravunni Menon, another well accepted teacher of Kathakali. Most renowned artists, like Late Padmasree Keezhpadam Kumaran Nair, Late Kalamandalam Padmanabhan Nair, Late Kriyattil Kumaran Nair, Late Thekkinkattil Ravunni Nair, Padmabhooshan Kalamandalam Ramankutty Nair have studied under this Guru Pattikkamthodi Ravunni Menon,at Olappamanna Kaliyogam. Great Poet Vallathol started Kerala Kalamandalam and plucked the Olappamanna School with root and transplanted it at Kalamandalam. For that matter Ravunnimenon was appointed as the main teacher there and also O.M.C.Narayanan Namboodiri Pad was taken in the Governing Council. After Vallathol and after taking over by Government, Poet Olappamanna served Kerala Kalamandalam as Executive Committee Member and Chairman for more than 15 years.

Karnatic Music

Olappamanna Mana has a history of patronage for this art form for about 100years. Famous musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar had his first performance at Olappamanna Mana Kanthallur Temple, at the age of 8. he had his last performance at another Olappamanna Mana temple at Ottapalam. O.M.Vasudevan Namboodiri pad, popularly known as O.M.V, was an expert in Karnatic music. Cirtain other members of Mana had studied Karnatic Music instruments.


Olappamanna Mana was keeping very close association with Vadakke Madham Brahmaswam (Brahmaswam Madham ), a unique Rig-Vedic School at Thrissur for Centuries. Olappamanna Mana has given birth to a lot of Rig- Vedic Scholars ( See Personalities 1, 2 and 5 in Personalities page). O.M.C.Narayanan Namboodiri Pad has worked in Brahmaswam Madham for more than 15years as member of Governing Council and President. Now also the tradition is continued. The host of this home stay O.N.Damodaran, even though not a Vedic/ Sanskrit Scholar, has completed his 10 years of administrative service in Brahmaswam Madham as Governing Council member and also as President.


Sanskrit and Vedas are interlinked and a person knowing Sanskrit only can understand Vedas fully. O.M Narayanan Namboodiri Pad, O.M.Neelakandhan Namboodiri Pad and O.M.C.Narayanan Namboodiri Pad all were Sanskrit Schoolars. Even ladies, mother of the host, O.M.Uma Antharjanam was knowing Sanskrit well. ( See Personalities Page: 1,2 and 5)


Olappamanna Mana has given birth to half a dozen of Literary Personalities. O.M.Vasudeavn Namboodiri Pad has written a Kathakali Story Play, namely “Dhruvacharitham”, the story of Dhruva.(Personalities Page-3rd person) His brother was publishing a Magazine exclusively for Malayalam poems, namely “Sahithi” when such activities were very rare. (Personality Page 5thPerson)

O.M.C. Narayanan Namboodiri Pad has written Poems, Articles, Kathakali Poems. His Kathakali story book is based on a Christian story, namely” Snapaka Yohannan” which was staged in Churches also. He has translated the whole Rig-Veda into Malayalam. The first volume was inougarated by His Holiness: Swami Chinmayanda and the last volume was inaugurated by late Prime Minister Sri.P.V.NarasimhaRao giving a copy to Sri.E.M.S.Namboodiri Pad at New Delhi. He has received State Government award for his work. He was being known as “Padhikruthaya Adhunikaka Rishi”( well learned modern Preacher)(Personalities Page-6th person)

O.M.Subramanian Namboodiri Pad was the most well known Malayalam poet. His pen name was “Olappamanna”. He has received a lot of awards including central and State Government awards. In addition to his literary contributions, he enriched Kerala Kalamandalam during his 15 year tenure.

Dr.O.M.Anujan is another well known poet and a Kathakali expert. He, having his PhD in Malayalam literature, was the Head of the Malayalam Department in Delhi University and is now retired. He has guided a lot of PhD students (Personalities Page-8th person).

Sumangala: She is a well known children’s book writer of Malayalam and has retired from Kerala Kalamandalam as Publicity Officer. She has received a lot of awards both Government and private. She has written a rare dictionary of Malayalam exclusively for colloquial Malayalam. (Personalities Page-9th person)