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Olappamanna Mana

Real Heritage

Olappamanna Mana, in a 20-acre eco-friendly atmosphere, would be an interesting place for tourists who want something out of the ordinary

for those who want to explore the Kerala countryside and the way of life there, for those who want to know more about the cultural heritage of the State, and for those who want to learn the nuances of Kathakali as performing art form. Olappamanna Mana is for those on the look out for a real heritage home-stay as different from star hotel accommodation. Olappamanna Mana is also for those who want to savor the nuances of wholesome, delectable vegetarian cuisine, as only the traditional Namboothiri household can deliver .


Conceived and established in 2006 by Mr.O.N.Damodaran Namboodiripad

a retired mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, and his wife Sreedevi, more so as an engagement during retirement, the home-stay has grown to become one of the most sought after heritage destinations in India with visitors from all around the world. From 2017, with the untimely demise of Mr.Damodaran, the homestay is managed by his wife duly supported by his son Navaneeth and daughter-in-law Vani

Olappamanna Mana
Olappamanna Mana

Food for Thought

Pure Vegetarian Home made Kerala Style food.

No non –vegetarian stuff, alcohol or any intoxicating drinks. Fresh fruits and vegetables . Water supplied will be filtered, boiled and cooled or mineral water. Usually stainless steel utensils washed and dipped in boiled water and fresh banana leaves are used for serving food.